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Sound Mag Selections: W/C 7th March 2022

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

This week we are starting a fresh idea, just to see how it goes and if we get good feedback then we will continue to carry it on. We will be keeping our eyes on releases coming out and then providing a regular (maybe weekly) blog post giving our recommendations on what tunes we like and believe you may wish to get your hands on.

Consider this as the our online digital selection of the newest and hottest tunes. Please let us know if you are a fan of the idea, and if you have any suggestions or recommendations then reach out to us and lets have talk some good ideas. Anyway, for the releases that have caught our attention from last week.

Valley of Wind by TOLTEK & OBEAH

Not only did the music on this catch our attention but also the amazing artwork.

Grenoble's Toltek, and Obeah from a seaside town on Frances west coast - have put together this majestic tune, with Ras Divarius violin on the A side, and Pijule's flute on the B. This music is really one of those easy listening steppers.

This is just one of two songs released through Woodland Records that we are recommending this week.

Bandcamp - released March 4, 2022

No Change by DUB FAMILIA

The second of Woodland Records releases this week, but with the Dub Familia, featuring Daman & Guru Pope.

'No Change' is a refugee solidarity tune with profits going to grass roots organisations in Calais.

If you are a big fan of horns in your music, you will love this song, and the vocal of Daman on the A side is great.

Unfortunately the limited run of 50 vinyls for both this song and 'Valley of Wind' are sold out, but you can still buy it digitally.

Bandcamp - released March 4, 2022

Speak The Truth by Don Fe

Out on Jah Warrior Records, produced by Jah Warrior and featuring Don Fe on the flute is 'Speak the Truth'.

This tune is still available on 7 inch, and we would highly recommend grabbing it if you are yearning for a nice melodical dub.

If you know about Don Fe then you will know his ability to add a mystical euphoria spirit to any dub he enhances.

Bandcamp - released March 4, 2022

Run Come Rally by Abeng

Following the inspiration of the great 70's roots, Abeng drop this brand new heavy weight roots track, where he arranges, plays and sings the whole track.

"After a long time of de-socialization locked in a Babylon, it's time to gather and be free"

Mixed by Michael Exodus at Dub Basement Studio, and produced by Dig This Way Records, an italian independent label born with the idea to dig out the best underground and forgotten music from Africa and expanding our project to new music productions

A run of only 40 red and yellow presses will be released and shipped out or around the April 15, 2022.

Bandcamp - releases April 15, 2022

Tour Dub Yorkshire, Vol. 1 by Tour Dub Yorkshire

This of course we're familiar with as we were involved with Dub Junction in putting this compilation together.

It's a compilation album showcasing 9 tracks from Yorkshire based dub producers with all proceeds split across three Yorkshire based charities.

Smiling & Waiving

Second Thoughts

Sunshine & Smiles

Bandcamp - released March 4, 2022

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