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Sound Mag Selections: 28th March 2022

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Hi again, hope everyone is good. This week I struggled with my quest to dig for music although I have found two great tunes I am going to show you. My aim to get some discussion going last week didn't really get off the ground so I probably won't ramble on too much in future, unless there is a specific hot topic - then I may involve it within these posts. I believe these posts will be a very crucial way of providing regular information to the sound system culture lovers through digital and free means, however maybe I still have a fair distance to improve until these blog posts really get going. I will carry on though.

This steppas tune is very upbeat, whilst providing a clear message from Afrikan Simba. Don't rush, don't jump out the frying pan and into the fire. A message I sometimes need to tell myself, and very true it is. The tune has great instrument components with horns by Vale, kete by Crucial Rob and organ by Shanti Lion.

Dub Hunters are from Italy and previously weren't on my radar but they will be now.

This ones available digitally and on 7" and distributed by Exodus Oneness Promotion.

Bandcamp - released March 28, 2022

The Answer by TOMPOW

Tompow comes from Hokkaido, Japan and produces some wonderfully mystical dubs.

Each of Tompow's songs has a synth which defines a signature style, and this is no different with The Answer. From my understanding the artist has only just started releasing music recently. I am very interested to see what this artist has to come next and how the style evolves.

Bandcamp - released March 29, 2022

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