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Sound Mag Selections: 4th April 2022

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Back again with another Sound Mag Selections. This weekend we were in London at the Fox and Firkin. If you haven't yet been to this venue I would highly recommend paying it a visit. Through the day it is a cosy pub with a large garden to the back, but every so often they transform the space into a skanking hall. The owners and staff are huge fans of reggae and love promoting it. You will often find great line ups, and just general artists and singers passing through the venue.

The Grammys were on last night and the winner of the best reggae album went to SOJA, however this has sparked quite a lot of discussions, and many have said this choice is controversial. If you have an opinion, we would be interested to hear your thoughts.

O.B.F bring a fresh new roots tune, joining forces with Madrid based singer Lasai who compliments the single with his powerful lyrics “Put down the gun, put down the knife, put down the glock”.

This tune comes after the success of “Heavyweight Sound” and “Do Me Right”,

On the B-side, French melodica artist Far East adds his own special flavour to the dub version!

Bandcamp - released April 1, 2022

Jah Rule by Nucleus Roots feat. Simon Dan (Test Press)

In classic Partial Records fashion, they have resurrected another brilliant tune from the 90s/00s era.

Manchester's Nucleus Roots production is always solid and tough, as it is with Jah Rule, whilst Simon Dan's voice is very soulful, which makes a great combination.

On the other side there is also 'Let There Be Light' with Moses. The Test Press (10" pressed on 12") is limited.

Bandcamp - released March 29, 2022

Big up all for checking out our weekly blog post. If you have just found us and would like to read lots of interviews, articles, information and check out art and photographs on sound system culture, then don't forget to check out our latest magazine.

Also don't forget to check out the events we have on our website. The next one is Run the Dub XL - Rebel Spirit Meets Green King.

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The selection Vampire by Wellette Seyon is no longer available for purchase due to copyright infringement by the label, producer and executive producer of the version featured in the above blog. Please contact Sistah Wellette Seyon via facebook for clarification.

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