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Sound Mag Selections: 11th April 2022

Quite a lot of releases to talk about this week including two albums. I have really enjoyed listening and reviewing the music this week. I always do but I genuinely feel like the music I am showing you this week is truly top tier music.

We gained a lot of attention this week as we are rereleasing Issue One of our magazine. In 2019 when we released the first batch we only did a small run as it was only somewhat of an experiment for us, and we never expected to sell as far as it did. In fact we only expected to sell to friends in our city of Leeds. I am really happy with how far this project has come, and now we are piecing together the sound system history of a whole nation. Issue Six will be focused on sound system culture across the United States. We cannot wait to show you.

Midnight Rocker by Horace Andy

Horace Andy is a legendary singer, and his voice is still as silky as ever. Known for his long time work with Massive Attack, Horace works on this album with Adrian Sherwood.

Adrian Sherwood is a man who deserves a great deal of respect for what he has achieved with many artists. Many projects of his I love, and from my own opinion I would say he is the most professional and versatile producer in reggae.

This album has a superb selection of songs, a range of styles, and the voice is as beautiful as ever. Given I am also a big fan of Massive Attack, it is also nice to hear some reworks of songs that Horace collaborated with the band on.

This album is already sold out on CD and red wax, however black wax vinyl and digital is still available on Bandcamp.

Bandcamp - released April 8, 2022

Fight Down Babylon​/​Women In Reggae by Sista Kata & Sistah Lore & Bass Lee Music Players

Some songs only need to play for five seconds before you know that you're going to enjoy it. The harmonies of Sista Kata and Sistah Lore hit you straight away on this release and keep you hooked throughout.

Produced by a Bass Lee and released by A-Lone Reggae from Spain. This is the music you yearn for at the start of a sound system session to get the atmosphere of the dance feeling energetic and high.

Bandcamp - released April 11, 2022

沙漠之蛇 by 水草计划

I have found yet another great release from China, this time from 水草计划 which translates to Aquatic Plant Project. The song is titled Desert snake, and to be honest, it definitely does give off a desert snake vibe.

The soundscapes on this dub sound like they are half way between the middle east and far east but 1000 years ahead of now.

I highly recommend checking this song out. It is amazing.

Bandcamp - released April 10, 2022

Altitude by High Nebra

I am a big fan of High Nebra. He is unapologetically hardcore every time with his steppers productions. This album is no different. Euphoric, raw, and nasty.

A selection of tunes suitable to play in the remaining hours of the session when the lights are on and only the warrior skankers remain.

If I had to pick a favourite it would be K12.

Bandcamp - released April 8, 2022

Just Adore The Truth by BriZion

BriZion is one of the earliest steppers producers I heard from the US. The production is warrior every time. Always with a mystical atmosphere you can rely on a BriZion tune being tough.

This song has great percussion, amazing reverbs on the snares, and equally lovely effects on the stabs. Four versions of this one... You would be silly not to buy it.

Bandcamp - released April 6, 2022

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