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Sound Mag Selections: W/C 21st March 2022

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Hope everyone is good. This week I'm in Bulgaria, in the mountains, however that hasn't stopped me from keeping up to date with all the new tunes that are newly available. If you have checked the few previous Sound Mag Selections, you may be aware I try and pick some of my favourites from a variety of reggae and dub music, but I also understand that I favour specific styles more than others, so if there's a style of reggae, dub or sound system music that you would like to see more of in these posts then please leave a comment below.

If you don't know too much about myself then you might not know that I am always raising questions regarding this culture we are involved in. How it can be improved, or understanding why pockets of this sound system culture do things a little bit different. Recently I was involved in a discussion surrounding what dub actually is now in the present day - whether it is a genre or a method of making music, and if there are producers skipping the first stage of making a full piece of music before making it into dub, and thus creating something that is released without sounding like a finished product. I was going to write an article on this but I suppose it would be better to raise these points and let you leave comments yourselves below to get more of a discussion going rather than just preaching my thoughts. Anyway, the new tunes from last week.

神奇的地方 LuckyRoots Dub Version by PRP soundsystem, LuckyRoots

The first tune we are looking at is from Wuhan, China, sung by punk/reggae fan/“鄂湘桂” label manager "PRPsoundsystem".

The music is produced by Li Guangping from Guangxi, China, who is also Bass player in JIangliang sound system. This time, the remix was recorded by Cece from Lucky Root.

The song restores the characteristics of early Jamaican reggae through sound effects.

Bandcamp - released March 20, 2022

Jah Rules Remix Compilation by Aryeh Yah

This spiritual remix compilation of the original tune called ''Jah Rules'' (by Aryeh Yah, Rastaveli MC & Afrikan Dub) has 18 remixes from different parts of the world.

Aryeh Yah is a Reggae Dub/Steppa producer from Barcelona

Bandcamp - released March 20, 2022

Spirit of Shaka by The Disciples

Spirit of Shaka is one of The Disciples classic 90s killer dubs. This is a favourite for me to play in sessions as you can guarantee

the reception from the crowd will always be solid.

This previously unreleased dubplate got its name as it was dedicated to Jah Shaka who was part of the Disciples journey from the early days.

Bandcamp - released March 20, 2022

Berber Warrior by blackliondubsuk

Black Lion Dubs is the product of Shaun Hodges, born in the 70s in east London and a music lover from young.

This dark dub has an amazing rolling bass line and I absolutely love the soundscapes that come and go through the song.

I wasn't aware of Black Lion Dubs before finding this tune but definitely going to keep an eye on what else is to come next.

Bandcamp - released March 21, 2022

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