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Sound Mag Issue Seven

Sound Mag Issue Seven

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In this 104 page issue of Sound Mag, I have documented some of the sounds and crews who right now I believe will be important in preserving and thriving the sound system culture. I have since noticed two distinct themes emerge within this edition.


Our coverage of sound system culture from Italy is the most extensive to date. We proudly showcase the remarkable contributions of Imperial Sound Army, Dub Hunters, and the captivating photography of Pier Paolo. Italy’s significance in the sound system world goes beyond what it might be credited for. Notably, the Rototom Sunsplash festival was founded there in 1994 before relocating to Spain, and the country boasts numerous sounds and crews thriving in every corner. Imperial Sound Army has effectively represented Italy across Europe and the UK, garnering continental recognition. Meanwhile, Dub Hunters captivate as an exciting crew to watch, while Pier Paolo’s photos capture the pure undiluted essence of the Italian sound system experience.


Among the featured crews from the UK, all have a profound connection to sound system culture, which naturally runs through their family roots. Each crew member possesses musical talent or in-depth expertise in the realm of musical equipment. King Original has had the taste of being a champion sound. Footsie carries on his father’s sound, yearning to reclaim that same champion claim. Sisters in Dub exhibit a youthful fearlessness, with hunger in their eyes for recognition. And CAYA impresses with innovative technology, inspiring and educating others in the true spirit of sound system culture by continually pushing the boundaries of audio equipment.


The So You Want To Build A Sound System continues in this issue where Peter Youll talks us through ‘Controls’, but also, for the first time, we have an article on the spiritual and medicinal essence of sound system culture, written by Kibir La Amlak. ‘Is there more to sound system culture than just speakers, amps, and bassline?’ is the most thought-provoking written piece I have read on sound systems and provides some clarity on why we love or feel connected to sound systems.