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Sound Mag Selections: W/C 14th March 2022

Continuing from last week we are recommending even more of our favourite music out from last week, and a few bits we are looking forward to being released in the future. A large selection of the music we will be interested in and showcasing is music we envisage pumping through sound systems, but we would also like to showcase some new styles of dub and reggae music also through these posts.

STOP PUTIN! / Путін - Стоп! by Ranking Joe meets aDUBta & The Black Oak Roots Allstars

Poignant in this time, Ranking Joe comes with his signature fast lyrical style with a straightforward message - Stop Putin!.

This digital album comprised of a vocal track, dub and instrumental brings a more celebration approach of stopping war.

This song available on Bandcamp and aDUBta suggests downloading for free to create awareness, and donate any money directly to a charity or an association.

Bandcamp - released March 11, 2022

Sur La Plage by Stand High Patrol

"Sur La Plage" is the first of a new series of digital releases where the Dubadub Musketeerz free themselves from constraints induced by physical medium releases.

The crew breaks the chain of time and chooses a short circuit to offer extra fresh vibes in a raw state, tracks with multiple orientations that will resonate through your speakers only a few weeks after being composed in the studio!

Bandcamp - released March 11, 2022

A1​/​B2​/​C3​/​D4 by Pilah, Dub Shepherds

This release confused me a bit with the format in which it has been released, however the tracks on it are wild and we love the style.

A1 is our favourite, purely for the sounds, and FX which produces such a a great fast beat sound scape. The music switches up throughout always keeping you interested whilst returning back to that catchy line we hear in the intro.

Bandcamp - released March 11, 2022

Dub Kazman is one of our favourite producers and has been a good friend since we interviewed him in the first issue of Sound Mag.

Following his progress has been a joy to us and seeing him team up with the legend, Johnny Clarke fill us with more happiness.

"We are describing reality some people disconnect from community and now we need it more “UNITY” in this world what we made it for." states Dub Kazman.

We are also blessed with a DJ cut from Colourman of Youth Promotion on the B-side to certify why this release should definitely be in your collection.

Bandcamp - releases March 25, 2022

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