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Sound Mag Selections: 25th April 2022

Hey everyone, you may have noticed there wasn't a post last week. No big reason, it was just simply that I had too much on. If you didn't already know, I run a sound system by the name of Rebel Spirit, and we had an event on Saturday with Green King Cuts. It was a great night. Not the first time we have played we have played with them. The last time was our last session before lockdown hit back in 2020. Green King Cuts were in our first issue back when they just started cutting records and built their sound, and if you have followed their journey, it is quite admirable how much dedication they have put into their sound system.

Jake and Chris who run Green King know the importance of good promotion and branding which is potentially why they have done so well at starting off, but also what's more important is their acceptance to receive knowledge and take on a lesson or two in sound system. The quality of their sound system and their selection reflects this. Not to put a bad word against where they were two years ago, but where they stand now is leagues ahead, and they now stand as one of the strongest sounds in the UK because of their willingness to learn and push to be better.

Anyway, as I missed last weeks post, I have digged over the past two weeks of what has been released.

Moonlight by Anja G &

Outta Croatia, this tune gives a message about the many agendas formed in the darkness that are arranged and have a significant impact to our lives, and the importance of standing up for what you believe in, especially when you are being manipulated like puppets.

The production is a deep roots track, and the vocal of Anja G blesses the tune really nice.

Bandcamp - released April 24, 2022

Meditation Life (+ Manasseh Remix) by Danny T & Tradesman feat. Blessed San

This one from the Leeds dub duo and Ugandan MC is a heavy piece of tune to have in your arsenal. Tough energetic production with great vocals. Great for sound system.

Second of the releases on the Dub Junction label from Hull, UK, which seems to be setting a theme of hosting veterans of the scene to have their own remixes on the records, this time with Manasseh.

Bandcamp - released April 22, 2022

Symbol of 1000 Thoughts by Toroki

You may have already checked out our post with this album but its worth the mention still. A wide range of styles and a variety of MCs and singers. With so many great choices of tune, it is definitely worth checking as there is bound to be a tune you will love.

Toroki will also feature in our new issue of Sound Mag so keep your eyes peeled.

Bandcamp - released April 22, 2022

'Ukrainian Dub makers stay on their homeland and present the new triple release for Peace. Mila Mazur recorded it together with PlusStepper while air raid sirens howled in Odesa and loud explosions filled the sky of Ukraine.

"And it is symbolic. After all, the spirit of our people and the light of soul in Ukrainian songs defeat aggression", musicians say.'

This song is beautiful, and the voice is so spiritually uplifting. I must say this one I will be playing for a long time.

Bandcamp - released April 17, 2022

Dubheads Yardwear

You may have noticed we have added some new bits to our site. Dubheads Yardwear is now on the store. Although we haven't officially announced Dubheads yet, you can get in there early and grab yourself some clothes. Here's a few examples below of what you can get. Dubheads is a clothing project from the collaboration of Sound Mag, Chek Selectah and Wrap Up A Draw.

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