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RELEASE: Tiberias Towa & Tom Spirals - Dub Club

Tiberias Towa and Tom Spirals collaborate once again in the ignite-the-dance offering that is ‘Dub Club’.

"Dub Club is a message of respect to the veterans, promotors , box lifters, selectors, producers and to each and everyone that creates Dub Clubs the world over. From Kingston to Glasgow, Nantes to Verona and everywhere in-between we want to say BIG UP to all the crews that make it happen. With a fast chat sing-jay lyrical delivery & soaring flute lines on Tiberias’ highly charged, heavy dub-wise 140 BPM riddim , this one is made for the moment you want to step up the energy and raise up the level of your night." Tom Spirals

Dub Club is the second single from their forthcoming full length EP, Abacus, set for release later in 2021.

Available to download now @

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