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RELEASE: Majical x Kibir La Amlak - Do You Know?

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

After Majical was inspired by the title of the producer Lewi B's instrumental, 'King of Grime', he decided to write a dubplate which aimed to exalt the many earthy achievements of the King of all Kings, Emperor Haile Selassie I.

Kibir La Amlak heard this version and decided to approach Majical and make a new version of the track together, to bring it into the world of UK Reggae Sound System in which Kibir La Amlak hails from. The result is a genre bending testament to modern RasTafari music.

Fittingly, Kibir La Amlak recalled some years ago that he was playing his sound system, and as always he had a banner of HIM Haile Selassie I - flying above his control tower. When the session had finished, a young boy approached Kibir La Amlak and asked why he had a picture of Eric Cantona above his control tower. This is one of many reasons why Kibir La Amlak felt it was necessary to release this song with the question firmly placed in the chorus "Do You Know Who Haile Selassie Is?"

It is heavily influenced and dominated by the weight and groove of a hard hitting, drum and bass line, but laced lyrically like a UK grime track, mixed and dubbed hard and heavy in the Kibir La Amlak studio. The fusion of the two styles come together so perfectly that both sound system lovers and UK hip hop/grime fans will desperately trying to be the first to show their friends the song.

No other day could be more fitting for this release than the anniversary of Haile Selassie’s birth 23rd July. Due for release on all leading digital and streaming platforms, and a limited edition run of poly-vinyl, followed by a full vinyl run in September on Before Zero Records.

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