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RELEASE: Linval Thompson, Nazamba & O.B.F - Curfew

Thompson Sound & Dubquake Records team up to offer modernised O.B.F versions of iconic roots and rubadub tracks from the last century. First released on the Jamaican singer and producer Linval Thompson's label, these tracks from the 70s and 80s have been reworked by Rico O.B.F himself. Each upcoming 12” will include a version with the original vocal, a dub version and a dub-poetry version by Nazamba.

First EP from this new collaborative series: a fresh version of Linval Thompson's "Curfew", a track originally released in 1980, recorded at the legendary Channel One studio and backed by the Roots Radics. In the late 1970s, political conflicts between the country’s two main political parties (JLP and PNP) were raging on the island. Criminal gangs worked hand in hand with political parties, urban warfare spewed on Kingston’s streets causing hundreds of deaths. Linval recalls the curfew sanctioned by the government and the police oppression felt by the people during this terrible period in Jamaican history.

Nazamba puts the chorus back into the present day on 'Curfew Drop' and looks back to a much more recent era with the worldwide curfews and lockdowns. Thompson Sound & Dubquake Records take us from the 80s to the 2020s with two major historical events, two curfews, two big tunes.

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