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RELEASE: Esaïa - Origin 4000 EP

Next-gen dub specialist Esaïa steps in the scene with her debut EP “Origin 4000”, the second instalment of the “New Generation Series” on Dubquake Records.

The young Genevan producer is a regular at O.B.F’s sessions and over the years she’s grown close to the crew. She has crafted her own unique sound out of techno, electronic music and movie soundtracks, blending bass music and dub.

“Origin 4000” was built around a common theme: the city. Taking the listener on a sonic journey through the dark corners of the “Metropolis”, via “Rose City” and “Beyrouth”.

The six-track EP was completed at the Dubquake Studio, mixed by Rico O.B.F and the artwork comes curtesy of Kazy Usclef.

Out 18th June 2021 on Dubquake Records.

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BrisaDub Sounds
BrisaDub Sounds
Jun 17, 2021


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