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OUTTA ISSUE ONE: Green King Cuts

Back in November 2018, we interviewed Green King Cuts for the first ever Sound Mag. There sound system was half the size, and at this point there studio and dubplate cutting business had only just started. Now from humble beginnings there reputation has grown so much more.

David Price

Words by David Price, Photography by David Price and Tom Porter

How did you get involved with music, have you always been into dub/reggae? Growing up in London we were surrounded by music. We was surrounded by Reggae and Dub at home growing up as youth.

When did you experience your first sound system, info and memories? Living in London we were lucky enough to have Notting Hill Carnival on our doorstep so we experienced many times growing up as youths. Around 2009 onwards we had some experiences at various clubs around London such as Cable which has closed down now and Fabric being an obvious one. Other events would hire out the RC1 Sound System which seemed common when we were 17/18 years old. Then events like SYSTEM at The Dome in Tufnell Park come along and then we got a taste for home built sound systems. Green king cuts is a record label, event and now also a sound system, what came first and was that always the plan? Green King Cuts started as a Record Label which was the only focus at that point. I guess it was natural progression with our love for Sound System and its culture.

For those aspiring to build their own sound, could you talk us through your set up and what influenced your decisions? Green King Sound System has two 18” scoops, double 15” kick, 10” mid box, 1” horn and bullet tweeters and is influenced from a combination of roots Sound System for example Channel One, Aba Shanti, Jah Tubbys, Maasai Warrior and many more to mention.

David Price

You have released a number of limited press 7” records, and all of your other releases are vinyl, can you talk us through why and what you think about sounds nowadays selling digital ‘dubplates’ online? We love vinyl. And if people want to sell digital dubplates that’s up to them. Through the record label you have released various sound system genres such as reggae, steppas and dubstep, do you think this encourages people to explore other sounds in sound systems rather than being dedicated to one genre/ bpm? We like to think it does give people a chance to explore new sounds and artists for people who might only listen to one certain genre. In three years you have risen to put on your own successful nights in Bristol which has a rich history in sound system culture, what do you think of the current dub scene and have the crowds changed since you started going out and the nights you run now? The scene is strong at the moment, we are feeling Indica Dubs, Alpha Steppa, Kai Dub, Ashanti Selah, Kibir La Amlak to name a few of the newer generation and feel they are flying the flag around Europe and worldwide with the stepper style sound.

Noticeably a lot more students go to sessions in the Bristol dub scene, more than ever and this means the culture has obviously changed in the dance. Personally for the better it seems, more dances happening and more acts getting booked and the music being pushed further and further.

This year at St Paul's carnival you had the opportunity to showcase your sound system which must be a dream come true, do you have any favourite memories from carnival over the years and what's next in the pipeline for you? Yeah stringing up the sound at Bristol Carnival was definitely one to remember it was our first ever experience having the sound out making noise. That whole experience is up there for us. But just being at carnival with all the sound systems and high vibes is probably one of the best celebrations in the world.

Expanding Green King Sound System is definitely in the pipeline for 2019 and of course putting out record after record for the people.

Tom Porter

So you've recently invested in a dubplate cutting lathe and opened Green King Studio. Tell us more about it?

We recently set up Green King Studio focusing on cutting dubplates for our record label as well as cutting one off exclusive dubplates for artists. So if you want dubplates cut now know who to come to.

David Price: @leedsteppa

Tom Porter: @dubfromabove___

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Viva Green king cuts enjoy your quest keep up the good work we are all enjoying your progress and vibe viav green king cuts👍

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