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Coming from the US, how did you come across dub and sound system culture?

I got into Dub when I discovered Jungle. I would go into forums and find out where producers would get these great samples, and I would just listen to dub albums on Youtube.  Eventually I came across a Jah Shaka video where he was playing at a festival in Japan.  From there I discovered steppas and I was hooked.  The energy of these riddims was just incredible.

Your productions have huge influence from bass music, some particularly influenced by dubstep. Where has this influence come from?

I think I was mostly influenced by Scientist and Bush Chemist. I wanted to make Steppas with a bit of a dubstep twist.  When I was getting more into dubstep there were a good bit of producers who were making reggae influenced dubstep in San Francisco. They kind of pushed me to follow this path.

You now reside in Spain. Did you face any challenges from picking up and moving across the world with your music?

Not really, I think people are a bit more open minded/receptive regarding my style and I have been fortunate enough to play on some serious sounds. It was definitely a smart move.

Do you feel like the move to Spain has influenced your music at all, either by production or DJing?

I would have to say that it really has influenced my production style.  I have been making more roots style riddims instead of just heavy bass, heavy steppas.  I´ve been all over the place tempo-wise.  Working with other instrumentalists like Don Fe and Jahwind (Both based in Spain).

Do you have a key moment in your career so far? 

For now, I think playing to a packed room at IDG (w/ Parly B) and a huge crowd at Fusion (WobWob stage) last year were very big moments for me.

During lockdown have you been getting up to much new or making any plans for when this is all over? 

I have been taking advantage to the fullest of this time.  I remember during the first couple of months of quarantine there was no one out in the streets.  I could really hear myself think and I just enjoyed the peace and quiet.  It's been a good minute since I worked on different styles of music, so I took the opportunity to do just that. I am enjoying making music for me and not just focusing on one particular sound/style just because that's what people want to hear from me.  With that being said, there's a lot of plans for the future.  Keep dem peepers peeled! 


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