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First of all, what does AIA stand for?

At first, AIA refers to GAÏA, The Mother Earth, Goddess from the Ancient Greek Mythology, The Ancestral Mother of all life. More significantly AIA is also a Quranic Name meaning “Sign”, which refers to my personal family origins and history with Algeria.

Likewise, AIA also means “the one who never gives up” and stands as an acronym for : “Authentique, Intemporel and Artisanal”.

How and when did you start your project?

AIA Design is a really young project that I founded earlier this year, during the Lockdown, but as a matter of fact, the idea of this project is way older than this.

At the very beginning, the idea was to create a New Ethical Brand and propose Collections of Handmade & Organic Clothing and Accessories. In the long term, I was hoping to develop the project on a bigger scale, but it has been growing faster than I expected and has quickly become an Eco-Responsible Design Concept Store.

I launched the first collection of printed T-Shirts in April via Instagram. The collection “Jah Love”, designed as a Triptych. All the Designs are Hand-Drawn by myself and printed on a selection of products from the collection “EarthPositive” from Continental Clothing.

I have surprisingly received plenty of support for this First Collection, and orders from all over Europe which gave me motivation to keep going and open the website/ Online Shop in July.

End of August, I presented the second collection “African Roots” and this collection is still awaiting for its third and last design that I will reveal really soon.

Since the launch, the T-shirts have been sent to France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, and even to Jamaica recently... but I am looking for better solutions and practicalities to provide world wide shipping.

Furthermore, I am also currently working on a new side project for AIA. A new collection, entirely Handmade and following the same ethics: 100% Eco-Friendly. The Project AIA Wear.

All the pieces are designed and made in my atelier in Antwerp in Belgium,  and all the fabrics and materials are 100% organic and certified. I will launch this collection really soon on the website.

Tell us something more about the concept of the project?

The concept is simple. Create, Re-use, Reduce and Recycle. But the concept is also really ambitious..

My main purpose is to create an ethical, affordable and “Eco-Friendly” Design Concept Store providing Sustainable, Organic & Handmade Products, while engaging in different ecological actions.

As a Designer, I am well aware that the fashion industry is one of the major polluting industries in the world. I am aiming to raise awareness and fight against “Fast Fashion” and its devastating consequences on the environment.

In that matter, all the products from the shop are designed and made responsibly with Recycled and/or Organic Materials & Fabrics in the way to reduce our ecological footprints, and  lower the negative impact of “Fast Fashion” on the environment.

We also recently received our New Tags ( Labels ) for the New AIA Wear Collection.

They are 100% Eco Friendly, made in France, from recycled plastic Bottles.

Where do you take your inspiration from ?

As far, the “world” in itself is my biggest source of inspiration but In reality, my inspiration has no limitations. Nor my creativity does. I am not exclusive to anything. I am very spiritual, creative and open-minded and I have always been sensitive to arts, to nature and beauty. I take my inspiration from various cultures and beliefs, from emotions and feelings, from inspiring people, and from situations..

I have also learned with the time that inspiration comes with deep listening and self understanding of our inner self, but that it requires nothing but the willingness to let go from this understanding. Inspiration comes and goes. It flows.

What is the message you are trying to convey with the designs?

The first message is Universal. This message, is the same message I am trying to convey in my music. The message is Love. Same as in my music and lyrics, the message in my design is also much more significant.

As I wish to raise awareness about different subjects, each design is conveying a different message and supports a specific cause or fundamental values. I also believe myself that the message can be seen only by those who want to see!



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