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Name: Selector DT

Based: Bruges, Belgium

Producer Alias: N/A

Sound System Crew: Roots Explosion Soundsystem

Bio: My name is Dries a.k.a. Selector DT. I am a reggae record collector, selector, sound system operator and radio host. Growing up in Belgium, you don’t hear much reggae on the commercial radio stations, apart from the occasional Bob Marley song. Even though the music always intrigued me, I really got to know reggae music and sound system culture by attending a local dance in Bruges called ‘Burning Bush’ in 2013. This edition featured three Belgian sound systems (Black Pearl Soundsystem, Jahmbassador Hi-Fi and Delica Hi-Fi) and a guest performance by Culture Freeman. After attending this dance, I started to gain more and more interest in reggae, sound systems and the history and culture behind the whole scene. Later that year, I bought my first reggae 7” at another dance, which set my journey in motion.

I started playing records together with my friend Ward under the name ‘Rootikal Tree’ in 2015. That same year, we joined the Bruges based Dubrising Hi-Fi Collective. In 2016, Dubrising Hi-Fi ceased to exist and Ward, myself and some other close friends started building our Roots Explosion Soundsystem, which we represent today. With Roots Explosion, we aim to bring all kinds of roots & culture music in an authentic sound system style. We’ve hosted and played at quite a few successful dances with both local and international sounds and guests, and are looking forward to play out a lot more in the future.

In 2018, I started broadcasting my biweekly Reggae Excursion Radioshow on a local radio station called Villa Bota. By showcasing reggae music on the airwaves, I aim to reach a broader audience and spark people’s interest in reggae and Jamaican music in general.

Next to actually playing reggae music, I also write about and photograph reggae related events for the Belgian online magazine I am currently also working hard to establish a record label, that will hopefully see the light of day in the near future, so stay tuned for that.



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