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Name: C J Chi

Based: York

Producer Alias: C J Chi

Sound System Crew: N/A

Short Bio:

We play original electro Dub created in The Dub Barn in York. DBC3 includes Dandy Dizzel, Geeky, C J Chi, Col J and specials guest for vocals.

We have supported the Dub Pistols, as well as played with Irie Vibes Sound System, Jam Beater Soundsystem and played at many festivals across the UK including Equinox festival, Solfest, Northern Green Gathering and more.

DBC3 started just as Dub Barn Collective in 2011 writing material at the original Dub Barn. The band at that time included Doug', Dave and Moz whilst taking on special guests over time at many local reggae nights and festivals.

The sound started drifting to a more electro vibe and DBC3 was formed in 2019 with the current members and Dandy Dizzle joining later. We wanted the tunes to work on a sound system so we started using electro dub beats live on Abelton and writing more upbeat tunes complemented with live Percussion and live brass. This is when experienced London MC Dandy Dizzle joined and a new era was born. Over the last few years we have been working with guest vocalist & musicians like Nikki' Sherlock Art, Uncle Cavo, Bryn D on flute & Rich T on guitar for live work and studio sessions. We are currently working on a new E.P Brighter Skys due to be released November 21 on Dub Barn Records.



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