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IN THE DUBLIGHT: Alex Engstrom

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Name: Alex Engstrom

Based: Marquette, MI, US

Producer Alias: HoBZ

Sound System Crew: Sub:Stance Audio

Bio: I was about 12 years old when I first started taking apart boom boxes and retro fitting the parts into lamps and other strange projects before all my friends got their drivers license and I moved on to installing all their mobile audio systems. Fast forward a few years and I fell into some legal and addiction problems before I discovered the music community which was the first time I experienced all boundaries dissolve, and everyone moving as one at the sound systems will, I felt like I was a part of something for the first time and it completely turned my life around finding a family in the process. I discovered sound system culture at Infrasound Music Festival the first gathering I went to centred around the sound systems and the artists that got along with it and I became obsessed with learning about the history and the idea of healing the world through sound. At that time bringing that experience to my community and dedicating my life to getting involved and creating the same opportunity for others became an obligation more than a choice. This year after using powered gear for years along with two of my best friends Jon and Ryan we finally put together the sound system I’ve been dreaming of my entire life and cannot wait to see all the smiles and memories it will bring in the coming years.


Mid/Hi: Martin Audio F1

Kick: Custom Dual 15 bandpass horn loaded with B&C 15nw76

Sub: 21 inch tapped horn loaded with B&C 21sw-115

Amplification: Labgruppen IPD2400, Powersoft K2, Mc2 E45

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