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HISTORY: Jah Shaka vs Iration Steppas, Leeds, 1990

Last night Rooftop Defoe uploaded a one and half hour insight into a dub session that we have heard people speak about many times. The last session in which Jah Shaka played amongst another sound system.

This has prompted us to do a history series on our dub blog giving an insight into stories, anecdotes and sessions from the history of sound system culture.

1990 was at the very start of Iration Steppas Sound Systems long 30 year journey that followed this session, and as you will hear from the recording, the energy from Mark Iration was as high then as it is now. Give consideration to the fact that this is the start of the 90s when technology on music was limited so much more than it is now, and examine how experimenting the dubplates from Iration Steppas are.

It is no wonder from listening to this recording that Mark continued to have the career he has had. On the other hand it is suggested that this was the last session in which Jah Shaka played amongst another sound system. According to the YouTube video, the promoter of the event wrote on the part 2 dance flyer 'The Only Sound To Tame Jah Shaka'. Tanweer Ahmed actually suggests Shaka, Fatman and Coxsone at moonshot in '93 was the last time Shaka played in the same arena with another sound system.

Either way, it was soon after which makes this insight one of the last recorded pieces of history of Jah Shaka playing in a session with another sound and therefore is well worth checking out.

From Iration Steppas playing a crazy version of Kunte Kinte Riddim, to Jah Shaka playing Tena Stelin Orthodox Music, the music in this recording is a credit to its time.

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