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From Russia With Dub

Actually, it's more digital dancehall than dub, but don’t let facts get in the way of a good headline. The big news is, its all go in Moscow, as Big Roba sound system paves the way with their new EP, All Right Then, which makes the special dedication to the early days of digital dancehall.

All Right Then has been released on Dub Universe Records, an independent label set up by Big Roba sound system founders, Pavel and Sergey. The 5-track EP took shape when Pavel and Sergey met Moscow’s top-ranking singjay, Tenor Youthman in an industrial zone of Moscow at an underground reggae dub party, at which time Tenor Youthman was selector and bass player.

Following many remixes and dubplates over the years, the trio realised their tastes complemented, and so they became family, finally producing the perfect combination of Youthman’s clever and versatile lyrics, with an iconic 80’s sound in a signature style mastered by Big Roba in sound system dances that grips you from start to finish.

Available below

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