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Fresh heavyweight outta Galicia: High Nebra

With serious inspiration comes a serious piece of tune, such as High Nebras second single titled “Extinction” from the debut LP “Evolution Rim”. This heavyweight production has a hard militant style, which reflects its inspiration. Inspired by the environmental fights in Virunga, where poachers and oil companies are putting Silverback Gorillas at risk of extinction, this tough and serious dub is a tribute to the Virunga defenders and all environmental fighters worldwide.

High Nebra, operator and producer of Dub Mono Hifi, a Santiago de Compostela based sound system, who reached the semi-finals of the Spanish Sound system Poll Cup, with Ayman Selektah, is joined with other sound system members Illiam Keys, Dubba Dread and Bongo Palm on the debut LP.

“Evolution Rim” is a 12-track album, with two singles, “Re-evolution” and “Extinction. The album also features collaborations with Ranking Youth, Ka Dub, Antxon Sagardui, Moon Mermaid, and Panchacoco, as well as Chek Selektah (who features in Sound Mag Issue Four) on the album artwork and will be released on Friday 4th March, on Universal Echo Records, the label founded by High Nebra, Ka Dub, Illiam Keys and Bongo Palm will focus on heavyweight stepper productions with Jamaican inspiration and will seek the futuristic sounds of electronic dub music.

The single will be released on Friday 19th February, alongside an exclusive dub version and will be available at Universal Echo Records website,

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