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DOUBLE RELEASE: Telly* feat Nazamba - Do Me Right & Samity feat Orcun Sunear - Katibim

Dubquake Records presents a new addition to its modern roots singles: Jamaïcan poet & Dubquake veteran Nazamba meets Telly* (aka Biga*Ranx) the prince of Vapour dub on this sweet lo-fi summer hit “Do Me Right”. A severely chill 7” release to play on repeat!

As soon as Rico O.B.F received the demo version from Telly*, he instantly pictured Nazamba’s deep voice and unique rasta poetry over the instrumental. Telly* loved the idea and Nazamba voiced the track from his studio in Jamaïca the day after.

The Dubquake Studio is where the track really took shape, Rico couldn’t help but add his enticing signature O.B.F flute.

With the vocal version on side A, flip the record for the “Dub Me Right” mix and let loose!

Known as one of the most popular Turkish love songs around the world, “Katibim”’s beautiful melody has influenced many artists for the past decade. Legends say that the composer, an anonymous Istanbulite, originally wrote the song during the Crimean war and to this day, the song is sung by generations in Turkey, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Kosovo and in many other countries.

“Katibim” has reached the four corners of the earth and is part of the musical heritage of many cultures.

Dubquake Records proudly present a new version from Samity, Sofia-based producer and multi- instrumentalist ina modern roots style! Voiced by Turkish singer Orçun Sünear, mixed by Victor Rice in Brazil.

Both covers have been designed by Telly* aka Biga*Ranx.

7 Inch 45 Rpm / Digital & Stream available on July 16th 2021

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